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Interest Free Finance....
We offer an interest free finance option to approved customers.  You can apply online or in-store.  It only takes 15 minutes and you'll get an answer back within the hour.

Interest free credit on any purchase over $500.

- 6 month finance available from $500 to $999
- 12 month finance available from $1000 to $20,000
- $60 application fee and $2.90 monthly account keeping fee.
- After the interest free period an annual percentage rate applies.
- Flexible easy repayment option to suit your lifestyle

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Who is Lombard?

Lombard Finance is an Australian owned finance company who has been helping both business owners and consumers achieve their goals and dreams.  Retailers and customers alike choose Lombard for the ease of process and exceptional customer service.

The Lombard Visa Card

Once approved, you will receive your Lombard Visa Card and PIN in the mail.  Your card will contain the latest in card security via an embedded microchip and you can use your card up to your approval limit for everyday  purchases where VISA is accepted.  So dont' wait apply today!

Frequently asked questions:

What information do I require:

When applying you'll need to supply; two forms of identification (preferably a drivers licence and Medicare card), your residential details, employment information and disclose any outstanding credit.  Lombard also requires the contact details for two personal references.

How do finance terms work?

To get what you want without delay, Lombard will pay for the goods on your behalf, allowing you to take the goods home today and repay the amount whilst enjoying the benefits.  Lombard requires a minimum monthly repayment of $30 or 3% of the outstanding balance (whichever is higher), but you can repay this faster if you wish.

How often can i make repayments?

Choose repayments to suit you.  You can elect to make payments on a weekly, fornightly or monthly basis.

How can I make repayments:

Repayments can be made:
- Automatically by Direct Debit
- Online with BPAY
- In person at Australia Post
- By cheque via the mail.

Can I use my Lombard Visa Card overseas?

Yes.  The Lombard Card is a visa card and can be accepted wherever visas can be used: online, over the phone, in store, ATMs and through EFTPOS.

Is the Lombard Visa Card secure?

Yes.  The Lombard Visa Card is contains the latest in card security via an embedded microchip.  This chip is more secure than standard magnetic stripe cards making it more difficult for fraudsters to fraudulently copy the card.

Benefits for you.

The benefits for you include:
- Easy application process
- Multiple payment methods
- Worldwide acceptance with VISA at over 24 million outlets
- No early repayment penalties
- Internet banking and BPAY for easy account management.